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We Need your Help......

Hi All

This is where I ask YOU to help make this a site Bob would have been pleased to be associated with by asking for any contributions, such as the history of his life, stories you'd like to share or just about anything  you feel that would contribute to the site. My plan is to set up a photo album of Bob's life ( so any photo's would be appreciated ) from early day's of the photography shop in New Malden and Radio Invicta to his latest work on Sky and LBC. Lyndz is in the process of scanning the cards from the the floral tributes received.

I'm Looking For

In particular, I'm looking for a midi file of 1 track played at Bob's funeral - Al Stewart, year of the cat - any one help???    - Found - Thanks to Dave  ( now playing on the home page )

And any suggestions / criticisms of the site so far... 

Photo's of Bob or his mum. - Keep them all coming in...

Any links you know of connected to Bob on the internet