One of my hobbies is Home Cinema - the ability to re-create the cinematic experience at home.

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This is the front of my home cinema. It comprises two separate speaker systems. The Meridian Outfit (floor standing) is my chosen outfit. The KEF THX system (wall mounted) is used for testing in HCC magazine.

Home Cinema

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Laserdisc is a superb medium for movie fans. Here's my Pioneer CLD-925 - it has all the latest  upgrades from Videotec

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Home Cinema brings a new dimension to audio and video. Yesterday's  small screen and mono sound has been replaced with new technology that is set to make a giant impact upon the way we see and hear television.

For years, movies on VHS and laserdisc have carried Dolby Surround, but only in the past few  years have the public been fully informed of these exciting new technologies.

My Meridian 562v digital audio switcher.

In my view, specialist hifi companies have been lamentable in promoting the sonic benefits of surround sound. It was only when Toshiba, Panasonic and others put Pro Logic on their TVs (along with high profile ad campaigns)  that Home Cinema has been understood by a wider public.

I love Home Cinema and have invested heavily in it. My main system is based upon Meridian components including DSP6000 front speakers a 565 Dolby Digital/DTS processor and 562V digital switcher. Programme sources include DVD, LD, CD-i, VHS, Satellite and Cable.

DVD is a super new medium for carrying movies. Here's my Panasonic A100 and NAD THX power amp.

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