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BROADCAST  LINKS  - BBC Big Byte  - A computer show on BBC R5 - Now off-air, yet Website remains  - Talk Radio's Website.
Talk Radio is a UK national commercial station. - LBC Radio's Website
LBC Radio is a London-only commercial station.
Sean Bolger's excellent Website
You either like or hate James Whale. I've yet to make
up my mind!

Sony's Website - you know, the Japanese company  that
seeks to dominate the world by making gear smaller than anyone else.
A very clever UK company that are masters of digital audio.
A Dutch lightbulb manufacturer. (Only joking!  They also
Invented DCC , CD-I and Video 2000)
This company makes excellent LCD displays, but their DVD
Players dislike Tektronix Spectrum Analyzers.
Pronounced Mat-Soosh-Ter  (Not Mat Soo Shitter!)  this fine Japanese company have a brilliant research department.  Shame their audio gear doesn't reflect that fact.
A company that deserves the Nobel  Piece prize for modification. No not body parts, but wonderful things with LD players.
This lot invented noise reduction . They also came up with a nifty method of encoding digital multi channel sound on DVD and LD
Make kool LD players and eminently hackable DVD decks.
These guys keep changing their standards, but their heart is in the right place. They promote quality home cinema - and who can argue with that?
These people make BRILLIANT home cinema gear, although they  go over the top on digital soundfield processing. Fine if  you want to hear what EastEnders sounds like in the bathroom

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