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I am deeply saddened to hear of the untimely death of the great Bob Tomalski. His many talents will be missed by many people. My condolences to all Bob's friends and family.

J Tynan
I was shocked to hear the sad news of Bob's death. I loved the way that Bob was so enthusiastic about technology and I've learned so much from him. I've just been looking at the many messages all over the net and there are so many people who will miss him.

Keith Palmer
I first came across Bob a few years ago on Talk Radio early on weekend mornings. His "Inspector Gadget" feature was always un-missable despite sometimes having to set the alarm clock to wake me up to hear it!

I soon noticed his name cropping up in the media everywhere I was reading about the gadgets and technologies I found interesting. From home cinema to computers, satellite TV to shortwave radio, he knew it all. As someone with
such in depth knowledge of such a wide range of technology - and true enthusiasm to go with it - Bob inspired me and I knew I could trust his opinions. I'm sorry I never met him or bothered to send an email to say "thanks".

To all his family and friends, my condolences. 

Andy Middleton
It was a great shock to hear the passing away of Bob on Technofile. Over the past year, I've been watching the show every week, and Bob's presentation of new gadgets, was the most interesting part of the show. Technofile has a considerable audience in Sri Lanka, and I'm sure like me all others who watch it regularly will sadly miss Bob on the show. My Deepest condolences to Bob's family and friends.

Lasith Gunawardena, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
I can only echo the sentiments of many others who have posted here, the Home Cinema Choice Online forum and in I feel stunned by this and he was comparatively young. I guess none of us know when it's our time to go.

I'd known him by email for about 6-7 years and it's thanks to him that I was introduced to write for What Video/Home Cinema Choice. It was in response to a completely unrelated newsgroup post in 1994 when I detailed the chain of
hassles I had centered around getting money out of a cashpoint near home.

I mentioned the wide screen video list I'd done at the time and it then appeared over three months at the start of 1995 in What Video after he introduced me, again by email, to Steve May, then-editor of WV and now of course HCC editor. I
met Steve when I went for a job interview at HCC but sadly didn't get to meet Bob.

When I saw the thread title in I thought it was someone's idea of a sick joke as it just didn't seem real. Makes me feel like I want to email him to ask him if it's true, however bizarre that sounds.

With so many technological advancements always on the horizon, I only hope that on the other side he's having the chance to try them all out before we can.

I agree to the suggestion made on the Home Cinema Choice Online forums by another reader of a Bob Tomalski award for Technical Excellence, by the way.

RIP Bob. You will be missed.

Dom Robinson
It's a sad thing to see part someone who loved technology and gysmos so much. I only new him from tecnofile and i saw the fascination in his eyes like a little kid talking about is new toy. For all gysmo lovers it's a sad news. Tecnofile will not be the same again...

Nelson P. , from Portugal 
They say the best die young...!

Gray, England
My deepest condolences to Bob's family and friends. A great loss to all.

Pat Cunningham
Bob was always a great friend to our programme, very generous with his time, and respected by our team and our viewers for his knowledge of so many fields. He will be greatly missed.

Working Lunch, BBC2
I missed your last edition of Technofile due to work commitments but I do have your web site in my favourites. What a big shock it was to read about the death of Bob. I always enjoyed his banter and expertise. I shall miss watching him. My Deepest condolences go to his poor family and friends.
May He Rest In Peace.

Mike Diamond

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