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I have became a great fan of Technofile and watched Bob and admired his knowledge and enthusiasm. A great character on the TV and his presence will be sadly missed

My thoughts are with those who were close to him.

Dave Graham


Anyone who enjoys something can't fail to be saddened when someone who has helped you understand it passes away. Bob did this for the whole nation with Technology. He will be missed. My deepest sympathies to his loved ones.

Daniel, Gloucester

Sorry to hear the shock news Bob was a great presenter on Technofile and Road Test . He will be sadly missed condolences to all his friends and family.

Ged Reilly  

Last night (Saturday 10th Feb) I picked up the latest issue of What DVD only to see the sad news about Bob's untimely death, I was shocked and stunned as only the same evening I watched a program called "roadtest" on .tv channel on sky with Bob on it. I foundly remember Bob's "inspector gadget" slot on talk radio on saturday mornings a few years ago which I use to always find interesting mainly to Bob's
enthusiasm for the gadgets he was talking about. Like many I will miss him and my condolences go out to his family and many friends.


While you were with us, you made life for we gadgeteers all that more wonderful. You will be missed by all who appreciated the handling of, or, better still, owning of a good gadget.


Jim Christie Johannesburg,

South Africa

It was sad to know that Bob has passed away. I'm a Sri Lankan. I saw him in Technofile. He was a popular personel amoung Sri Lankans. The way he present the new electronics gadgets, and his work all around the
world is simply Great.
May he rest in peace

Nadeera Jazeel, Sri Lanka

Bob was a very nice man.  He will be sorely missed.  It was quite a shock.

John in Devon

We were so shocked to read of Rom's death. Neither of us are computer experts and Tom's enthusiasm, clarity of thought and clear explanations gave us a much better understanding.
The Dawsons

Wow. I hadn't heard the news until I came across this page earlier this evening and am greatly saddened by it. Hardly any gadget, certainly home cinema kit, in my house was bought without some tips and advice from Bob via What Video and since then all the other articles magazines and Sky TV pieces he has done.
The face I was looking for some info on a camcorder that I remember him mentioning in an article a few months ago, and that was how I came across this news is testament to the dependable, readable and truthful (!) reviews he imparted.

Gadget lovers will miss him big time.

Tim Smithies
To whoever is maintaining this site, I was present at the funeral on Friday and afterwards at the Beverley pub. To introduce myself I used to live about a mile from Bobs place across the other side of the Mitcham common. When I first met Bob, Radio Invicta was still on AM and Bob was working at a photographic shop in New Malden - near the railway station.
Before I knew it I was a budding DJ on his station  and started to help out with the broadcasts from the tops of the flats in Putney and Kew - in fact I was instrumental in obtaining a key for the Putney block as I was caretaking a flat ( on the top floor ) for a friend at the time while he was on a three month vacation in Greece - and the cat had a habit of getting out a window and becoming stuck on the roof - and of course I had to request the key from the caretaker - and of course the key did not get returned until we had a copy made !  
I continued to help out and produce the occasional show (I never considered myself real DJ material but the mike did give me some self-confidence which as a shy young man I was lacking) until I joined BT as a telephone engineer ( even working at Mitcham Telephone Exchange for a while) and decided on moral grounds to stop assisting Radio Invicta (for if I were caught I could cost me the job). I last met Bob in 1978 outside the phoneboxes during a broadcast where he introduced me to a young Miss Toze, who had come down to help out with the phonecalls.   
I lost louch with Bob but many years later I saw him one morning on Breakfast TV 
showing off  one of the first DVD players -  I wrote to Bob at his magazine address and was pleased to receive a Xmas card a couple of months later.  A year later and another card arrived ( with his E-mail address this time)  - I accordingly sent him an electronic postcard of the local library in Northwich and he replied with a delightful picture of himself - which is the attachment to this note. I felt after the funeral that this picture is the way many of Bobs friends would like to remember him so ask that it could be made available on his website.
thank you and regards,
David Arcus  ( was David Benson on Radio Invicta)   

"Bob and I became good friends through our common association with Media Network, and we often chatted on ICQ about the latest toys and gadgets. This news was a complete shock to me, and it is just so very hard to believe that he is gone. Rest in peace, Bob."

Tom Sundstrom

I loved watching Bob on Techofile.  Very sad to hear of Bob's passing.Condolences to his wife and family.      Kind regards

 John Griffin(Perth, Western Australia)

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