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Bob will be missed for his superb knowledge and way he approached each item on that wonderful program technofile and I am sure he was good in many more ways.

Kevin,  Dublin Ireland
Bob Tomalski had a great way of explaining all the latest gadgets and gizmos he will be sadly missed by all in our house. We send our deepest sympathy at the sad loss of a nice man.

The Basnett family, England.
It was with great sadness and extreme shock that I watched Technofile this week and learnt of the death of Bob Tomalski. Bob’s all embracing enthusiasm and passion for new technology and gadgets inspired my every day view of the evolving technological world around me. Every week I religiously watched as he marvelled at the new technology emerging, never taking it for granted, but always with a watchful eye ensuring it evolved for the betterment of the consumer.

His ability to communicate and share his excitement at the latest gadget was in essence the special quality that he brought to the show and as a result held my attention week after week. Without doubt he brought a very special kind of sparkle to the presentation of the items he showed, and while being informative on the usefulness or not of the item, it was at a level that everybody could understand and fully appreciate.

I am still in total disbelief and can only imagine how devastating it must be for his family, friends and all his colleagues. I offer my heartfelt condolences to all who knew him. I shall greatly miss his appearances on the show and his cheery eye-opening insight into the technology that is becoming intertwined with our everyday life.

May he Rest In Peace.

Joe King, Dublin Ireland.
God bless, Bob you will be sadly missed by all your fans in Ireland.

Al Ryan
Prior to watching Technofile on Sky towards the end of last year, we hadn't even heard of Bob and it is a tribute to his engaging personality and expertise in his field that I am moved to record our deep sadness upon learning of his sudden death after such a short period of watching his weekly contribution. I would like his family and
friends to know that his real family of friends must extend all over the world. May he rest in peace.

The McDermott family, Scotland.
It is with great sadness and regret that I have learned of Bob's passing, I never missed technofile and my last memory of Bob is showing the gadgets he collected in Japan with such great enthusiasm may he rest in peace.

George Corneille, Limerick Ireland
It was with great sadness that I learned of the death of Bob Tomalski. He will be sorely missed by everyone who appreciated his knowledge of the latest technology. I always watched Technofile on Sky News To learn of the latest gadgets and gizmos from Bob and watching it will never be quite the same again.
My deepest condolences to his family and friends. He can never be replaced.

Eddie Sibley
I have to admit to a level of 'selfishness' in my feeling that Saturday mornings will never be the same again. The first 'day-off' each weekend was always highlighted by Bob's contribution to Technofile. His infectious enthusiasm for 'his products' was an inspiration and a joy to us all. Deepest condolences to Bob's family and friends.

Richard Pullen - Scarborough - North Yorkshire.
Like so many others here, I was extremely sad to learn of Bob's sudden death. I was an avid listener to his spot on LBC on Saturday mornings - even slowing down a little on the M1 on occasion so I could hear the end of his gadget-speak!
For someone as gifted, competent and pleasant to be taken away so suddenly is hard to believe. Condolences to his family/friends from one of millions who will miss him.

Bob Bate, London
Bob Tomalski's untimely death has deprived many people of a lot of good unbiased technical advice. This is nothing compared to the loss his family and friends have suffered. My condolences to all concerned. May he rest in peace.

Mark Ziaian 

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